If you’re between 18-30 and a citizen of a commonwealth you can apply to live and work in the United Kingdom under the Tier 5 Youth Mobility VISA. Find out more below.

What is the United Kingdom Tier 5 (Youth Mobility) VISA?

The UK Tier 5 VISA allows anyone, who is approved, to live and work in the United Kingdom for up to 24 months. After 24 months the VISA holder will have to leave the country and re-enter on a Holiday VISA or gain sponsorship from a company for which they work for. It’s a system that enables young adults to see the world and gain experience in the United Kingdom who are not from the UK.

Eligibility for the UK Tier 5 Youth Mobility VISA

The UK T5 Visa 2016 is available to anyone from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Monaco, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Republic of Korea.

NOTE: If you are from Hong, Taiwan or The Republic of Korea you will need sponsorship to apply for a Tier 5 Youth Mobility VISA.

Must be over the age of 18 and under 31 years of age at the time of application. Have £1,890 Sterling Pounds (Approximately $4100 AUD as of 23rd December 2015) in available funds at the time of applying.

You can only apply for the UK T5 Visa 2016 within 90 days of starting the Visa. I highly recommend you start it at the three month mark to avoid unnecessary stress. The Visa application takes about 3-6 weeks. If the idea of applying for a VISA is daunting the lovely team at Britbound can organise your VISA application from start to finish. 


EDIT: There will be an increase to the cost of VISAs mid 2016. I will update the page when these figures are released.

The application cost of the UK T5 Visa 2016 is £225 ($455 AUD)

There is a healthcare surcharge that you will need to pay as well. Keep in mind that if you are from certain countries you do not need to pay this fee. Australia is one of these countries.

If applying from Brisbane, Canberra or Perth or choose a priority appointment there will also be an application fee to pay of $105 AUD  at the time of your biometric appointment… more on what that is shortly.

It takes about three weeks to process the application once you have done your biometrics appointment or you can pay $254 AUD to have it processed in a week otherwise it needs to be collected from the office where you had your biometrics taken.

Here is a rough breakdown of costs:

  • Base Payment                 $450
  • Priority Appointment   $105
  • Priority Processing         $254
  • Passport Courier           $24
  • Biometric Primetime   $25

Total: $858AUD

The total cost + bank funds required = £2,230.

DO NOT use this money for spending money. I made this mistake and I really struggled to find money to afford a place to live. After running out of money I had to live out of a hostel for about a month before I could afford a place.

Finding a place to live in London can cost from £1600+ (£800 Deposit and £800 for a month’s rent up front). So consider your £1,890 as your rent and deposit money and you will be comfortable. There are cheaper places out there but you really do sacrifice security, personal space, location for them.

As you can see the application cost can quickly add up. You’ll need to allow at least four weeks to avoid having to apply for the priority services

Required Documentation for The Application

For quick reference here is what you need:

Completed Application

Original Proof of Funds Document

Valid Passport

Passport Sized Photo

Completed Application

The Application is all online now but you need to print it out when you go for your biometric appointment. More details in the application process here.

Original Proof of Funds Document

To clarify, this needs to be a letter from the bank stating printed on their letterhead and stamped. It must include your name, account number, date, and show the balance in excess of £1,890 and a logo from your bank.

Valid Passport

It needs to be valid for the duration of your stay in the UK and have a free page for the Visa sticker. (It takes up a whole page)

All of the documents you provide need to be original documents. At the biometric appointment you will be handing in all of your documentation including the passport. It will be returned to you.

Now you have all the prerequisites it’s time to start the application process.

Passport Sized Photo (Recent Photo)

Applying for a UK Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa can be overwhelming. It was for me and I had help from Britbound who specialise in VISA applications! Britbound are a UK based company who make the life change to UK life smooth by sorting out your application, helping you get appointment and organising social events