Picking a VISA Starting Date

You’ll be picking a date from when your VISA will start. Choose the date that you first enter the United Kingdom. Even if its just passing through to start a European tour.

If you enter the UK before this date on a travel VISA you may have problems at immigration. I was to enter the UK for three days before I left the country on a 2 month trip to Europe. I was almost refused entry because the immigration officer said I should have started my Tier 5 Visa when I first entered the country.

Picking a Biometric Appointment Date

The Biometric appointment is to take your finger print and passport for processing as well as paying any additional fees required for your application. If you make an appointment in ‘Prime Time’ it will cost an extra $20 AUD.

The prime times are:

8am – 10am

11am – 12pm

4pm – 6pm

Picking a UK Address

During your application you will be requested to put in a UK address where you will be staying: Just put in the hotel/hostel or other location you will be staying at when you first arrive. This address is used to figure out where you need to pick up your resident card.

Once you arrive in the UK you have 18 days until the VISA in your passport runs out. You will need to visit the post office to collect your resident permit, it’s basically your VISA on a card! It’s what you show employers, immigration and your family to let them know you are a UK resident!

The best option if you don’t know where you will be staying is set your UK address as the hostel/hotel/airbnb/family/friend that you will be staying at/with. No post will be sent to your UK address. It is just used to allocate the closest post office to you for you to pick up your your resident permit.

Attending the Biometric Appointment

After you have completed the application form you will need to do the following:

  • Acquire an official bank letter with the exact or more than the funds required
  • Acquire a Passport Photo (recent one)
  • Print out your Online Application, NHS Payment Confirmation, and Biometric Appointment Letter

What you need to bring to the Biometric Appointment:

  • Passport
  • Passport Photo
  • Second Form of ID (EG: Drivers Licence)
  • Printed and Completed Application
  • IHS Statement (You would have completed this in the Online Application)
  • Biometric Appointment Receipt
  • Bank Letter
  • $450AUD + Anymore for extra services you wish to use

Bring all your supporting documents, you will also be paying the application process fee and this is where you will decide if you want priority processing and/or courier service to have your passport returned ASAP. The Biometric appoint is fairly straight forward. It is completed by a company called VFS Global. They will check over all your documentation and if it is all in order you will have your fingerprints recorded and all your documentation will be taken to be processed, INCLUDING YOUR PASSPORT. At this point you will specify if you require priority processing and/or a courier to receive your passport back. Priority takes about a week, it can take up to 4 weeks for the passport to return with a courier service and you may need to visit VHS to pick it up.

After the Appointment

Depending on if you had purchased couriering of your passport you may need to go in and pick up your passport.

Wait for the response letter.