You’re making the jump to the UK! You’ll need to get a service/some digits pretty much straight away when you land. Depending on what your requirements are there are quite a few deals out there. I’ve put together this guide to compare UK phone providers

While in the UK you won’t be able to get a two year contract with the fanciest phone on the market. Most service providers require you to have a two year credit history in the UK which you will not have.

If you sign up for a package with Britbound they will provide a sim card from a choice of providers.

Check out the Cable Website who have in-depth reviews of all the UK Phone Providers.

The Main UK Phone Providers Are:

O2 | EE | Three (3) | Vodafone | Virgin Mobile | GiffGaff

O2: O2 has excellent customer service with good coverage all over the UK. It’s not the cheapest provider around, there are better options available for you.

EE: Probably the quickest service in the UK. EE owns the largest mobile network in the UK. Again the value for money is lacking and there are better options out there for value.

Three: Three is the only UK mobile provider to offer unlimited data and they offer it as cheap as 20 pounds a month. I have yet to find any deal that can compares. The trade of is 4G isn’t widely covered and they shape your use traffic management on your date from 3pm till midnight.

Vodafone: Vodafone offers similar prices to O2 and EE but they throw in some nice perks such as free Spotify, Sky Sports Mobile and Now TV subscriptions. Value for money is lacking as they are often slightly more expensive than O2 and EE

Virgin Mobile: They offer a SIM-only deals and contracts are all variations on their new Freestyle tariff, which allows you to pay off your handset and change your tariff on a monthly basis. They lack 4G

Giffgaff: Cheap handsets working on the O2 network. NO Street WIFI

The People’s Operator: The People’s Operator is causing a stir in the mobile market thanks to its charitable business model, which includes donating a percentage of its profits to good causes.

My pick of the crop?

It’s a tough one I think but currently I’m on Three prepaid (20 Addon) and I think it is the fairest for what it provides per month.

Check out this article which outlines the deals.