Now for the tricky parts. Setting up a UK bank account and a NI number will require you to have a mailing address; but if you don’t have an address yet, maybe you’re still living in a hostel or constantly change location then this part will be a challenge.

My recommendation to you, being the simplest method, would be to purchase a packaged deal from These guys will organise your NI number and bank account appointment as soon as you land so you can hit the ground running. They can even take the hassle of applying for your VISA out of your life.

Opening a UK Bank Account

Check out this short video below by Work Gate Ways (All credit goes to Work Gate Ways) that outlines how to open a bank account here in the UK.

If you wish to open an account by yourself you will need to Google “UK banks that offer passport accounts.” In the results you will find multiple banks that offer basic bank accounts. These accounts only require your passport and biometric residential card to open. (More about that this is in the VISA application process here).

Tip: You do not pay ATM fees on leading bank ATMs, only on independent ATMs.

 Applying for your NI Number or NINO

This one is an important one. From the get go you will want to be applying for your NI Number. Without one you will be taxed at a much high rate. You will eventually be refunded this taxed amount but the sooner you have your NI Number the better. Here is a short video outlining the process.

Again, if you purchase a package from Britbound, they will organise the first steps in organising your NI Number taking a lot of the stress and anxiety out of the experience.

Mailing Address

If you are constantly moving around or living in a hostel for the first few months it is going to be difficult for you to provide an address. There are a few things that can help. First and foremost, if you do sign up for the package at Britbound they offer a mail service for a flat fee monthly. Another option is to put down an address of someone already established in the UK. Ask first if you can use their address. If you don’t know anyone you can ask in the Facebook groups that have been setup for your counties citizens who are here in the UK. EG: Aussies in London | Canadians in London |