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Imagine driving down the Italian countryside with the windows rolled down. The European road trip is off to a great start without any hiccups or delays. All of a sudden, a car pulls out in front, and you can’t stop quick enough before crashing into them. There is no greater way for a road trip to be ruined than by a car accident. Although accidents aren’t at the forefront of a traveller’s mind, they can happen. When they do, it is essential to know how to handle the situation. Here are some steps to take if you ever experience a car accident in Europe.

Make Sure Everyone is Okay

After getting into a car accident, first, make sure everyone is okay. There are several injuries, major and minor, that are common during car accidents. Drivers or other passengers are advised to assess the situation immediately following a collision by checking on all other passengers. Once the individuals in your own vehicle have been checked, it is a good idea to make sure people in the other cars are also fine. If any injuries have been sustained, it is critical to call an ambulance or appropriate emergency service as soon as possible.

Call the Police

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After ensuring the safety of everyone in the accident, the next step is to call the police. It’s important to know that anywhere in Europe, you can reach the police, ambulances, and firemen by calling 112. Even if no one is injured, the police can oversee all car accidents as a third party. This helps to keep everyone involved honest and can help protect against false information in the formal reports. These official reports from officers are also great assets to have when dealing with the insurance company after the incident. Furthermore, the police will be able to remove the vehicles from the road or take care of any other formalities that must be addressed.

Exchange Insurance Information

Another critical step to take after a car accident is the exchange of insurance. Each party involved in the crash should get the insurance information of all other drivers. This information will be needed when filing a report for your own insurance purposes and can help increase the amount of money paid out by insurance. Other important pieces of information to obtain include the name of the driver, license plate number, model and colour of the car and where the accident took place. Even photographing the damage can help make the insurance process go smoother.

Having a car accident in Europe is never a fun experience while on a road trip. Because this is a possibility, it is essential to know what steps to take. If you’re interested in other transportation options for travelling in Europe, check out our other articles!