Traveling is not only exciting, but an in-depth and amazing way to learn more about other cultures, expand your universe, and contribute to your personal development. Many students would love the opportunity to see the world but are restricted by school schedules, finances, and other roadblocks. There are many ways you can travel while still attending school and most are very doable for students today. Understanding these techniques will open up a world of possibility.

Study Online

Online study is one of the most practical ways you can learn while you travel. There are many universities that offer both online and in-person classes, so you can learn while you travel for one semester, while taking your in-person classes in another. The key to effectively travelling while you study is to make sure your travel destinations offer reliable access to the Internet. The best locations for high-speed Internet are Thailand, Bali, Berlin, Cape Town, and Ho Chi Minh City. The best way to find the cities and locations with the best Internet access is to follow blogs of “digital nomads,” who travel the world while working remotely. There are also many different online universities that offer degrees in thriving careers like healthcare, education, and business management that will grant you the opportunity to learn at your own pace and still earn money after graduation.


Work Abroad

Working while travelling is another great way to see the world while still going to school. Once you have enrolled in your online courses, you can chart a course for adventure on a budget by working while you travel. Tourist resorts always need an influx of help in order to keep running, so find a place that needs extra labour for the summer, and then get to work. You can be a tour guide in Alaska, run a hostel in Beijing, or babysit a few kids in Switzerland. There are tons of sites that offer seasonal jobs for young travellers.


Travel During School Breaks

One of the best ways to travel while in school is to take advantage of school and semester breaks. Depending on the airport nearest you, it is possible to find international destinations that are only a few hours flying time. If you’re on the East coast, you can fly from New York to Iceland in just six hours. From California, you’re only a few hours from Vancouver and Alaska. Hop a flight from Galveston to Cozumel and be sunning it on a beach in less than a day. Take advantage of travel during spring or holiday breaks, but remember that prices for flights and hotels will be higher during these times.


Study Abroad

One of the best ways to see the world while in school is to study abroad. You can enrol as a guest student at universities around the world and get credit for your learning. Study abroad programs allow you to learn about new cultures, languages, and people while still working toward your degree. There are many programs—some that may be offered through your school—that will allow you to complete part of your college study in a foreign country.


Take a Gap Year and Study Independently

Some colleges and universities will allow you to take a semester or year off while still a student of the school. You can use this time to see the world and study on your own. Some colleges give you a chance to develop your own independent study course, allowing you to dig deeply into the subject matter of your choice. This independent study will still count toward your degree. You can spend six months in Thailand studying marine life, or three months in South Africa on a history research project. Taking an entire year off to travel is also helpful in guiding you toward your choice of eventual career.


When it comes to travel, seeing the world can enrich your life and enhance your learning. By studying abroad, working remotely and taking online courses, you can see more of the world while you’re in school.

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