If you’re searching for the most popular tourist spots to visit – Vouchercloud has put together a huge Infographic using data from Tripadvisor. Vouchercloud is the UK’s No.1 mobile discount voucher website and app! They help their users save money on almost anything.

The Infographic shows the most popular tourist location for every country in the world.

From ziplines in Fiji to a kayaking water park in Dijibouti, some of the Tripadvisor-approved-attractions are a little off piste. Even the likes of the UK offers something unexpected – aside from the biggest Potter fans, not many people would pick out The Harry Potter Studio Tour as the must-see destination nationwide.

Some of the must-see global destinations have found their way to the surface, however – The Great Wall of China, Table Mountain, Niagara Falls and Sydney Harbour all make a welcome appearance on the list of the World’s greatest ‘Things to Do’.

Somewhat reassuringly, the majority of destinations around the world are actually natural wonders, closely followed by spots of historic interest – in fact, out of 197 countries, there are:

76 natural attractions
54 historic attractions
38 generic tourist attractions
29 religious attractions

You can also take a closer look at certain regions –  Western Europe seems tourism focused, while Eastern Europe is rich in history:

Meanwhile, the Americas are predominantly natural, along with much of the Caribbean (what-with its beautiful beaches):

Asia, on the other hand, has a solid mix of historic and tourism-first attractions:

You can view every country’s top-ranked destination and find them on Tripadvisor here, and plot your route around the most popular tourist destinations around the world.

The data is sure to change over the next couple of years as some of the destinations are based on current trends. For example Harry Potter Studios in the UK may not be on the list within the next 10 years.

These amazing maps were created by Vouchercloud. I highly recommend you check them out for some awesome deals and information.