Few things can match the thrill and sense of freedom that comes with getting out on the open road on your motorcycle. However, even the most well-planned trip can end up going wrong at the hands of a careless driver. Knowing what to do when you journey goes wrong will help you recover a sense of normalcy in your life.

1. Root yourself in the Moment

Okay, this is probably far easier said than done, but it is essential. Getting stressed out not only makes things worse, but also makes it harder for you to remember crucial details of what happened. If you need to talk to an attorney because of the events that took place, keeping calm and remembering the details will make things more comfortable in the long run.

2. Check Your Motorcycle and Those Involved

You’ll probably check your bike for damage right away anyway, but a quick look at the motorcycle to figure out any possible damage helps. You’ll need to make sure the bike is out of traffic, regardless, but it will also be easier to check for damage if you’re not thinking about staying away from other vehicles. Check yourself for injuries, as well as anyone else involved. Always call emergency services to get help for anyone injured.

3. Take Down Necessary Info and Call the Police

Exchange information with the parties involved right away, even if the other side thinks that the incident was no big deal. Severe property damage or injuries will always warrant a call to the police. Another reason the police call is so urgent is that if you decide you need to talk to an attorney, the report will give you helpful information to use.

4. Make Careful Note of the Surroundings

If you’re biking through an unfamiliar area, taking note of your surroundings is especially important. You might otherwise miss essential details that point towards what may have happened leading up to the accident. Road conditions, the weather and the direction of your travel are all critical points.

5. Don’t Admit Fault

Statements about how something was all your fault can have bothersome consequences. Remember that the cause of an accident isn’t always apparent. You will need to think about protecting yourself first. This rule is aided by Rule 1. By rooting yourself in the moment you can give yourself the change to move forward instead of reflecting in the moment which can lead to false claims, memories and problems down the track. 

Motorcycle trips that go awry can mess up your plans, but taking the right steps will help you get back on track. Keeping a cool head will increase your chances of getting back to enjoying everything sooner.