Job searching in London is a fiercely competitive landscape and there is already a ‘million’ different sources of information to help you with your job search so instead of repeating all these sources I’ve worked through it to find you the best information.

The best website to use for job searching in London

I found National Career Service (NCS) to be the most helpful website for providing advice for your job searching in London.

This website provides detailed information on applying for jobs through various methods and gives you tips on job searching that you wouldn’t normally think about.

Another great website I found useful was They had all sorts of information about the current landscape of the job market.

If you are applying through a website online. Call the recruiter first and let them know you’ve found the job advertisement and you would like their email to send your resume through to. With testing I found just blindly applying and hoping for recruiters to call you didn’t really net me results but the approach of calling the recruiter or company before you send your resume in shows you are proactive and gives your resume a human push that the recruiter will pay attention to.  I sent countless resumes out into the void for 2 weeks and it wasn’t until I started pre-emptively calling that I suddenly found myself with 6-7 interviews in a single week.

If you’re on the move is a great website to upload your current resume to and apply though the phone app it provides.

  TIP:   Call the recruiter/company for a direct email to email your resume through to.

Make your CV stand out

There are millions of applicants just like you. What makes your CV stand out?

With Job searching in London being so fierce you’ll need every advantage you can get and that starts with your resume.

Check out this guide the NCS have about the ‘Top 5 pitfalls to avoid’ to be incredibly useful for making my resume stand out above the rest.

If you need help in creating a UK resume, again NCS has an amazing tool to assist you here.

If you have signed up with Britbound they offer CV building session to help you convert your resume over.

I assure you these guys haven’t paid me. They just really hit the nail when it comes to all the information that is out there on the internet.

A pitfall I fell into while job searching was just using one method of searching and applying, I implore you to use not just online but other methods of job searching in London as well! This include:

  • Job seeking on the internet
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Newpapers
  • Professional or specialist journals
  • Job Centres
  • National Careers Service Offices
  • Networking

Using the Cloud to stay organised on the move

Saving your resume and scanned images of your certifications to a cloud service such as iCloud, One Drive, Drop Box or Google Drive will allow you to access your information from your smart phone on the move. You’ll be able to make changes and email your updated resume to recruiters from anywhere you have an internet connection.