People that have mastered the art of traveling will tell you that the cardinal rule in getting the best experience, regardless of where you go, is figuring out how to blend in. You see, when you are new to a place, there is more than language and exotic looks that give you away as a foreigner, and most of the time, language has nothing to do with it. Here are a few of the things that people do, especially when they visit London for the first time and how you can avoid doing them, and letting people know that you are new there.

Avoid the Heathrow Express

The moment that you get off the plane at Heathrow, the first decision you will have to make is the transportation you’ll use to get to your accommodation. For most people, the Heathrow Express is the obvious first choice. Well, despite the fact that it is a quick way to get into the town, it will cost you sixteen pounds at least, one way, while catching the tube cost you as little as three pounds for the same journey. What is even better is the fact that when you catch the tube, you get to see the real Londoners go to and from work. If the bustle bothers you, grab your headphones and join the rest. Again, remember that most of the tourist attractions are within walking distances around the city, so walk where you can.

Minimize your camera use

One other dead giveaway for people touring London is the way that they obsessively hold up their camera to take a photo of everything. The most important thing to note is that if you have to take photos, don’t be intrusive with your camera. Try as much as possible to be natural when using the camera and only take photos of what you need to.

Do not take the tourist bus

The other important tip which will help you avoid looking like a tourist in London is avoiding the tourist bus. First of all, those buses are expensive, and second, they really make you look like a tourist. Try and take a regular bus instead because it will help you catch all the destinations around town faster and at a lesser cost. There is also the fact that you will be doing what Londoners do, which is awesome blending in. If you are afraid of the regular bus because you do not know the routes that have the best tourist attractions, try and use applications such as City Mapper and Google Maps to help you figure out where you want to go in the city.

Those are some tips which will help you cruise through London like a real local. Other useful things that you can do include making use of an oyster card, and visiting the museums at night because the lights are magical when it is dark outside and there are fewer people around. Also, avoid Oxford Street and the Piccadilly Square unless you really have to use them.

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