If you’re travelling in the upcoming weeks or months, you’ll want to do everything relating to the home protection and its contents while you’re away. It’s a lot easier than you would think but does require some effort on your behalf. Taking extra time to secure your property is ideal for any length of travel you plan on doing. Here are some tips that help you better protect your home while travelling.

Stop the Mail

Put a hold on your mail so it doesn’t stack up in your mailbox. Have the post office hold your mail while you’re away. Take a few minutes to fill out a request to alert the post carrier to your temporary absence and select a date to resume regular delivery services. You can always pick up your mail once you get into town again. This prevents unwanted visitors who noticed that your mailbox was overflowing with contents and goes a long way to good home protection.

Home Protection Security Systems

Invest in a good security system. Monitors and cameras provide you with extra peace of mind when you’re away. Being able to monitor what’s going on through mobile apps or website logins is ideal. You can keep watch of what is happening in your neighbourhood with ease as you receive a visual account through recorded video. The best home protection systems allow you to monitor things while on the go from your smartphone or tablet, so you’re not limited to one location. ADT’s home security systems use wireless sensors so moving or travelling for any length of time is a breeze.

Talk to a Trusted Friend

Have a trusted family member, friend, or neighbour keep an eye on things for you while away. Have someone walk the perimeter of the property every couple of days to make sure everything is the way you left it. They can move your garbage cans, grab the mail or newspaper and water any plants you have while making sure the house looks lived-in. Have them take note of any disturbances so you can report them to the police if needed. Having a friend house sit is the best home protection you can have.

Stay Safe on Social Media

Be careful about posting away statuses on social media. You might as well leave a spare key under the doormat. Don’t give people a reason to break your trust. It’s best to not post vacation updates until after you’ve returned home. It may not be as fun as living in the moment, but it keeps dishonest people from taking your belongings.


You can enjoy your trip without constantly worrying you’ll lose something you own to burglary or vandalism. By taking precautionary measures before you leave, you’re ensuring you have something worthwhile to come home to. You’re securing your future the best way you know how to by being aware a problem might occur while you’re gone.