The chance to study abroad is one of the greatest opportunities for college students. Learning in another country adds excitement and adventure to college years that are unforgettable. The experiences help students grow as people and give them a better understanding of the world and its various cultures. Although it’s easy to get caught up in the sight-seeing, it’s important for every study abroad student to know how to handle studying effectively for good grades. Here are some key tips for prioritising studies while taking classes overseas.


1. Be a Meticulous Planner to Handle Studying Abroad

Many things are going on for any given student enrolled in a study abroad program whether at a local or online uni. Between sight-seeing, classes, and group activities, schedules can become jam-packed with things to do. You don’t want to miss out on exploring or socialising opportunities because that’s the main reason you’re there! However, you still have your courses to consider, so make sure that you have a clear sense of your plans ahead of time. For example, if you’re going on a day trip over the weekend, get your big projects, reading, and homework out of the way beforehand. This will help you enjoy the trip more and avoid last minute cramming and late night work. It might help to keep everything organised in a planner so that you have a clear view of what’s next.


2. Create an Effective Study Space

Whether you’re staying in a dorm room or you’re living in the home of a local host, it’s important to establish a space that’s devoted to studying. This may be a desk or a study corner with good lighting and space for all of your books and course materials. When you enter this area, you should be free of all distractions like social media, mobile notifications, and television. This can allow you to maintain better focus during the hours that you devote to study. If this space just doesn’t do it for you some days, take your books outside and study on a park bench or in a nearby cafe. This simple act can take away restlessness while still keeping you focused on your classes.


3. Establish Good Study Habits

It’s not always easy to study when you have to, especially when you’re in another country and all you want to do is explore and meet new people. Creating good study habits automates the study process and makes it a little bit easier to get through required readings and homework assignments. For example, you can make a habit of studying for an hour or two immediately after class, or you can choose to study in the morning or at night. Choose a time when you’re most alert and focused, and start studying at that time every day. You’ll thank yourself for getting your work done ahead of time when a spontaneous opportunity for fun comes up!


4. Always, Always Go To Class

The correlation between consistent class attendance and good grades is undeniable. Going to class every day not only makes studying and completing assignments easier, but it also impacts the outcome of the course. Skipping classes can be tempting, especially when it feels like there are much better things to do. However, going to each class will help you learn more, and it will help you boost your grades to handle studying in another country. This is particularly important for those who are considering grad school in the future. Even if you’re going to an online uni while abroad, make sure to give your courses and lectures adequate attention to get the most success out of them.


5. Reward Yourself

If you find that you handle studying with stress during your stay in another country, you might want to try giving yourself a better incentive to focus. For example, you can promise yourself an excursion or a trip to a local restaurant that you’ve wanted to try if you get your homework done. You can also set a timer and commit to a specific period of study before letting yourself go out for some fun. Turning outings and excursions into rewards for studying will keep you motivated to keep up the good work.


Whether you’re taking online or in-person classes, make sure to follow these tips for a better learning experience and better grades while studying abroad. Most importantly, take advantage of every opportunity for adventure that you can and have fun!