Weddings are, by their very nature, exciting, new, and unique. A destination wedding is even more so! Few destination wedding attendees, whether they’ve watched the happy couple wed in snow-covered mountains, a sunny island, or somewhere in-between, report not being completely enchanted or energized by the experience.

While some couples choose to travel and elope on their own, others invite at least a few family and friends as guests to an exotic location. Traveling to a destination wedding, whether as the bride or just a friend is an experience you’ll want to remember and be prepared for. Reduce any stress or anxiety you feel before going by becoming familiar with the itinerary and destination. Let’s take a look at what every girl should bring to a destination wedding!

Pack for the Weather

It doesn’t matter whether you’re absorbing a gorgeous waterfront view in Nicaragua, enjoying the sights in beautiful Norway, or navigating through all that the United Kingdom has to see; precipitation is a constant concern in many locations around the globe. The same may be true of America, but your first Canadian snowstorm or Costa Rican rainstorm won’t soon be forgotten.

To assure that potential rain or snow doesn’t ruin the wedding experience, be sure to bring multiple ponchos and umbrellas—enough for all the bridesmaids and a few of the grooms. If you’re part of a wedding party and have formal wear in your bag, be sure you can wear it comfortably depending on the location. Maybe switch out your formal heels for sandals at a beach or include your nicer gloves that don’t clash with the dress for colder locales.


An SD Card

At any wedding, you can very easily run through all your phone’s, tablet’s, cloud’s, and other device’s storage space while capturing images. At a destination wedding, you’ll need to be extra careful. Bring an SD card (or two!) for mobile devices and cameras to assure that as many once-in-a-lifetime moments as possible are immortalized. Packing this small memory card will pay dividends in the years following a wedding.


Save Space for Toiletries

There’s no denying, weddings and formal events fill up your suitcase more than you normally would. Not only are you making space for extra clothing, shoes, and accessories, but your toiletries often get packed to the brim. Keep this in mind as you start packing and leave room for extra make-up, hair rollers, or specialty items you need. If possible, get a few cosmetic treatments done before you leave to save room in your bags. This could be something like laser hair removal, self-tanning, or permanent makeup techniques like microblading eyebrows for definition and color. You won’t have to bring as much if you already feel ready before arrival.


Photocopies of your License and Birth Certificate

This packing tip may not be very romantic or dramatic, but it could help wedding attendees out in a big way at the airports or borders. Photocopies of one’s ID and birth certificate will also allow entry onto a booked flight. Leaving a driver’s license in a different country is far from ideal, but there’s no denying that being stuck in said country because of this missing license would be much worse!


These tips are sure to help anyone attending destination weddings have as much fun as possible. Remember that the guests’ experience directly affects the experience of the bride and groom, and that packing these items will help all the members of a wedding. Thanks for reading and good luck!