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If you are a horse lover who is dreaming of a vacation to Europe, then consider combining your passion with a wonderful European vacation. While it can be very difficult to transport a horse to Europe, there are many luxurious accommodations that will share their horses. Here are some of the best equestrian destinations that you might be interested in:

Castle Leslie, Ireland

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Located between Belfast and Dublin, equestrians of all levels will enjoy staying at Castle Leslie in County Monaghan. Your stay includes three hours of English-style riding daily on 21 miles of bridle paths spread across the beautiful rolling countryside. Alternatively, you can jump over 300 country jumps. Choose from a variety of accommodations in a Scottish Baronial style castle with strong interior Italian Renaissance touches that have been in the same family since its construction in 1870. Away from the barns, enjoy a variety of activities including fishing, biking, golfing, theatrical performances, and many other activities in the Monaghan region. Dine in a variety of settings ranging from casual to very romantic.

Gredos Mountains, Spain

Learn about the unique culture of the people living in the north and south valleys of the Gredos Mountains in Spain while having an amazing trail riding experience. Most of the riding will be in lush open pastures running along quiet mountain streams. If you are looking for a ride where nature is the star of the show, then this is the perfect choice for you. You will be riding through old-growth forests, rocky outcropping, and across pristine streams, seeing wildlife everywhere you go. Careful observation may allow you to spot a Spanish Ibex because a nature preserve was created here in 1905 when this animal was almost extinct. Stay in rustic settings, a monastery, and a castle as you journey through this part of Spain that is seldom experienced by visitors to the country. Dine on local cuisine prepared using recipes that have been handed down for centuries.


Cappadocia Trails, Turkey

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Ride along fairy chimneys, volcanic formations, and lush canyons located along the Cappadocia Trails in Turkey. Equestrian resorts can take your vacation from enjoyable to simply amazing, but if you have people who do not love to ride, then there are options on this tour for them too. Visit ancient frescoed churches, troglodytic monasteries, and cave villages along with your new friends that are split into groups of no more than eight. Riders can expect to spend five to six hours each day in the saddle, exploring the countryside where time seems to have stood still. Participants can choose to camp, stay in guesthouses, or move to more luxurious accommodations, allowing everyone to find the style of housing fitting their needs the best.

Molise, Italy

Travel along valleys, fields, hills, and mountains on a Molise, Italy, trail with other riders of your ability level. Each trail ride is accompanied by an experienced guide who knows the area and loves to share that knowledge. You will be responsible for caring for your own horse during your excursion, forming a bond that is inseparable. Many riders are lucky enough to see wolves and bears as they ride along. Accommodations vary depending on the trail you choose, ranging from homestays in a farmhouse constructed in 1885 to modern hotels. Participants will also get to experience a fantastic mountain lodge without electricity. Enjoy simple meals in the morning and evening along with picnic-style lunches along the trail.

Northern Iceland, Iceland

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While many visitors to Iceland see a show featuring Icelandic ponies, you will have an unforgettable natural experience when you choose to go horse trekking in Iceland. You will ride across rocky lava fields, through high mountain passes, and near raging rivers on a Northern Iceland riding adventure. In the evenings, gather with your trailmates to prepare meals while preparing community meals. Some overnight accommodations are located near a natural hot springs making a great place to soak sore muscles after a day in a western saddle. A variety of different trails are available ranging in difficulty from easy to more difficult. These trails also last a variety of durations, so everyone can find one matching their needs.

Europe is a fantastic place to go on a horseback riding adventure. There is a ride that is perfect for everyone. Form a bond with your horse that you will fondly remember the rest of your life. Spend time getting to know the countryside and the people as you travel. There is hardly a better way to get to know the people and the land of Europe.

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