You can drive for up to 12 months on a foreign licence in the UK. After that you will need to obtain a UK license, this includes Australian and Canadian licences. If you are use to left hand drive, driving in the UK won’t be difficult to adjust to.

If you have an EU licence you can drive in the UK for 3 years after becoming a resident before you have to apply for a UK license.

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Driving in the UK

If you have an Australian full licence you will be able to exchange it for a UK one after 186 days as a resident of the UK. Continued driving in the UK after a year requires a licence exchange.

The process is quite simple. The cost of a licence transfer is £43. Start of by heading to where you will be asked the following questions:

Are you a resident of Great Britain?

“You’re normally a resident if you have a permanent address in Great Britain that you’ve lived in for at least 185 days.”

If you have a Biometric Residential Permit (BRP) you are considered a resident and can say yes to this question.

What kind of licence do you have?

Your licence will say what type of vehicles you can drive.

You will be choosing the “Car or motorcycle” option.

Where did you pass your test?

If you country is not on the list you will not be able to transfer your licence but can drive on it for a year before having to pass the UK licence test.

Once you have answered these three questions you will be asked to order the D1 form to fill out. It takes about 7-10 days for the form to come out and once you have sent the form back, with the fee and any documents you need to, it will take three weeks for the licence to come out to you.


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List of Countries/Territories You Can Transfer From

(Please note some countries may have additional requirements like an official translation if it’s not in English.)




British Virgin Islands

Canada (To drive manual vehicles you need to prove that you passed a manual car test.)

Falkland Islands

Faroe Islands (You can’t transfer your motorcycle licence.)


Hong Kong

Japan (You need to provide an official translation of your licence – contact your embassy.)


New Zealand

Republic of Korea (You need to provide an official translation of your licence – contact your embassy.)


South Africa (You can only transfer a credit-card sized licence for a UK one.)