Travelling by train is one of the simplest ways to get around, and it can also be the most photogenic. These 12 routes from around the world are so visually striking you’ll be glued to your railroad car’s window for the entire trip.

I think later this year, in the summer, I’ll take a trip up north to take a ride on the Jacobite to have a Harry Potter geek out.

This infographic from Pettitt’s Travel Agency offers a glimpse of what you’ll see on each of the 12 rail journeys. There’s Scotland’s Jacobite steam engine used as the Hogwarts Express in the Harry Potter films. The Trans-Siberian Railway runs over 9,250km from Russia, through Mongolia, to the Eastern edges of China. And, of course, Japan’s Tokaido Shinkansen bullet-train from Tokyo to Kyoto. I think the bullet train will be quite the experience. As an Australian, the cross Australia rail looks pretty unenticing. Australia’s outback has one of those types of sceneries that once you’ve seen it for about an hour you get a good idea of how the rest of it is going to look… empty and red. Though if it’s not just the scenery you are after and it the train ride is on your to-do list I suppose it’s still an experience.

The graphic shares a description of each trip, the distance travelled, the cost per ride and a signature meal that each train offers (if any). For full details of the infographic please visit Pettitts.

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Travelling by train